lets start

So currently I am a Junior is a tiny itty bitty high school, perfect for a yellow polka dot bikini. Anyways I have absolutely no friends. Now I know what your thinking a poor sad lonely no friended high school girl, who probably has friends who cares? Well that is correct in a way but not just that defines a person and their soul. There is 6 girls in my class, me included. Within these girls there is the clique of three and the ruler of them who’s name is Tina. Tina oh of course her so smart and beautiful and pretty. Then the other two who follow her around (kinda like mean girls am I right?) Anyways then the other two girls who are not in the clique of doom, one with a boyfriend and one who is also alone, and me little old me trying to squeeze in their somewhere. I try to hang with the boys but naw doesn’t really work so I am a wallflower who listens does her work gets perfect grades but is alone. Well see I have a boyfriend but he goes to a different school and so I see him about 2 times a week but thats a whole other story. Anyways so this is me trying to figure out what is going on with my life and I know what life I have right? 17 in school weekend job and a boyfriend what else could there for a person my age? yeah well my brain thinks otherwise so as I use this to explore myself and maybe vent and try to be funny lets see how it goes. Hopefully this helps.


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